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Do you want a customized show?

Thanks to our experience, we have gained a great versatility that allows us to adapt our repertory to any context. Tell us where, when and who for and we will configure a unique show that will meet your needs.

Don’t care about anything else!

Some of our customized shows

Músiko moskas

This show is produced by Artistas del Gremio and K de Kalle. Dressed like flies and walkind on stilts, we have crowded the streets of villages and cities playing music adapted to the context.

It is perfect for parades, processions, marches or any other kind of street festive context.

Would you be able to ask something that we cannot do?

Deskontrol kabaret

This is a wacky and irreverent show, but it is unfortunately offered just in Spanish, so we are afraid you will only be able to enjoy it when we get our English Proficiency Certificate.

Christmas parade

We are Christmas experts! Even more than Santa! Contact us and we will do an unforgettable musical Christmas parade.

We sometimes take some Christmas presents with us, but only those addressed to naughty children.

Parade for children

We really get on very well with these little beings!

Our universal languages such as music or signs, make us experts in communicating with children. They enjoy our music and our presence and so do we with theirs. We have had the opportunity to play and perform in many great places such as Río y Juego for Fiestas del Pilar, in Zaragoza.

There is no need to speak Spanish! Well… in fact there is no need to speak!.

Composing and recording

Put some Artista’s music in your life!

Did you know we recorded the soundtrack of the Spanish film Que se mueran los feos? Did you know that we have recorded themes for humorists, actors, clowns or TV shows? Did you know we have composed and performed great musical weddings? We love composing for any kind of format.

If you want us to create some music for your ideas, just contact us!

Anything you need...

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You can also send us a direct e-mail to info@artistasdelgremio.com or contact through our Social Network profiles.