We’ve done this!


  • Berlin Brass Festival (Berlin, Germany; 2019)
  • Holika Festival (Cortes, Spain; 2019)
  • Festival OFF Artes Vivas (Loja, Ecuador; 2018)
  • Brass It (Minde, Portugal; 2018)
  • Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Sibiu, Romania; 2018)
  • Limoux Brass Festival (Limoux, France; 2018)
  • Brass International Festival (Durham, UK; 2017 y 2018)
  • Almazán Suena (Almazán, Spain; 2018)
  • Boina Fest (Arenillas, Spain; 2018)
  • Festival Moustussades (Villemoustaussou, France; 2015, 2016 y 2017)
  • Andorra Sax Fest (Andorra; 2017)
  • Sol y fiesta (Leucate, France; 2016)
  • Tubala Brass Week (Tafalla, Spain; 2016)
  • Asalto ao Castelo (Vimianzo, Spain; 2015)
  • Bandafolies (Limousin, France; 2013)
  • Reperkusión (Ourense, Spain; 2013)
  • Pirineos Sur (Huesca, Spain; 2012)
  • Tamborilé (Mezquita de Jarque, Spain; 2011)
  • Mundo Idiota (Madrid, Spain; 2009)


  • First prize at Sabiñanigo’s Brass Band Battle (Huesca, Spain; 2011, 2012 y 2013)
  • First prize at the 1st National Contest of Brass Bands in Escucha (Teruel, Spain; 2012)
  • First prize at the 4th Brass Band Contest in San Fermín (Pamplona, Spain; 2012)


  • Punkis de conservatorio (2018)
  • Felices agujetas (2013)
  • Artistas del Gremio & the musicolocos dream team (2009)


  • Finalists in the TV show Tú sí que vales [Spanish version of Got Talent] (2013)
  • New Year’s Eve TV Galas in Aragón TV (2011, 2012 y 2013)
  • Soundtrack recording for the Spanish film Que se mueran los feos (2010)
  • Official band for TV show Avispas & Tomates de Aragón TV (2006 y 2007)
  • Other TV show performances: Aftersún, Sin ir más lejos, Objetivo, ¿Te suena?Anochece que no es pocoAragón en abierto.


  • Los Gandules
  • Manolo Kabezabolo
  • Juan Abarca (Mamá Ladilla)
  • Sharif
  • Fuethefirst
  • Preso de la prosa
  • Paco Pil
  • Tako
  • María Villalón

Sorry, but that’s the way we are!


When the night falls, I become Katacroquer. When the sun rises, I starve. Oh! And… PUM PUM PUM PUM! ¡PUM CHS PUM CHS!


I play the trombone because the otamatone didn’t fit in the band. I got a Master Degree from Berklee College of Music, but I’m popular for my good imitations of a cow.


I love beating everything with my drumstick to create rhythms with any metallic object that I find on the streets. My Twitter password is tetera441.


I was born in Cheste, Valencia. My instrument and my eyebrows are bigger than me. When I carry my helicon, I can jump like a regular person. Without it, I move jumping like a kangaroo.

M. A. Laita

I’m the weird hair and crazy hip trumpet man. I’m very exigent with myself and the initials of my name make the word BAD in Spanish: MAL.


I’m the new boy and the best looking in a skirt. I’m a rapper, the flapper kidnaper of the skyscraper, the tapir trapper in a wrapper. You know, motherf…?


The trombone is a pretty instrument because it has straight lines but also curved lines. I once dropped a penny and didn’t find it back.


I’m the handsome of the band. If I look at you sensually while I’m playing the saxo your brain will maybe dissolve. Calm down and stop staring at me!


I am the most sophisticated evolutive result of the band. I’m beardless, but you’re looking at my face inverted. My eyes can do X-ray inspections. I see your epiglottis.

After doing a showwe just wish you good night, good morning and… happy stiffness!

So we do